Planning to purchase a USB 2 camera?

Cameras come in different types and sizes. You have cameras that are used for photography. You can think of, for example, compact cameras or SLR cameras. A compact camera is a small camera without interchangeable lens that is often used to take pictures on vacation, for example. An SLR camera is a more professional camera with an interchangeable lens. Besides cameras that are used for photography, you also have industrial cameras. A USB 2 camera is a good example. These cameras are used for machine vision. These cameras are used in machine vision, using hard- and software production lines to monitor an industrial camera. The images that a USB 2 camera makes, for example, are compared with images in the memory of the software. A well-known example where this is done at the bottle vending machine in the supermarket. When the bottles are recognized, you get your deposit. Machine vision uses an industrial camera. Besides a USB 2 camera, there are also other types of cameras to use. Curious about these cameras? You can read it here.

Different industrial cameras

As mentioned before, machine vision uses industrial cameras. There are different types of industrial cameras, each with their own characteristics. The different industrial cameras available at are:

  • USB 2 camera
  • GIGE camera
  • USB 3 camera
  • Custom camera

The easiest and cheapest industrial camera available at is the USB 2 camera. This is a camera that can be connected to a USB2 port and bandwidth of 40 megabytes per second. Because of this bandwidth, a camera with 1.3 Megapixel can record up to 25 frames per second. A GIGE camera has a bandwidth of 100 megabytes per second. The cable of a GIGE camera is a lot longer than that of a USB2 camera (100 meters compared to 4.5 meters) which is seen as a great advantage. Moreover, a GIGE camera is very easy to install. You can also choose a USB 3 camera. A USB 3 camera has a bandwidth of 400 megabytes per second so it can record a lot more images per second than for example a USB 2 camera. The computer you connect the camera to must have a USB 3 port. Not all computers have such a connection. A USB 3 camera is a bit more expensive than a USB 2 camera but that’s because it is the successor. You can also choose to have a custom camera manufactured especially for your application. You can choose this when you are looking for a certain kind of shape or when you want to connect multiple sensors on one board.

Why is it wise to buy a USB 2 camera at

get-cameras has a very wide range of different industrial cameras, lenses, cables and other accessories. Moreover, the products are between 30 and 50% cheaper than their competitors. The products are of excellent quality and come with a three-year warranty. If you have any questions, please contact the helpdesk. Are you still looking for a USB 2 camera? Do not hesitate and take a quick look at what the possibilities are.