Malaga property, are you looking to buy a home?

realista Marbella, quality luxury real estate. Today the blog will be about Malaga and Malaga property. Are you long to buy a home, a big and expensive home? Then this blog is especially written for you. There are many options in Malaga. First, we will start with some basic information about Malaga, Malaga property and the beautiful Costa del Sol 

Some basic information about Malaga and the Costa del Sol 

Here follows some basic information about Malaga. Malaga is a large city, in the southern Spain region it is located. It is the capital of the Malaga province. It has a Mediterranean climate and it is known as the birthplace of the famous Spanish artist Pablo Picasso. This city offers beaches and you can hike there, do architectural sites, visit art museums and of course you can go shopping if you like. And Spain has a good cuisine, so you can eat whatever you like. Spanish is the main language that is spoken in Malaga and the rets of the Costa del Sol. The Costa del Sol is the mots popular tourist attraction in Spain and you will find people that flaunt speak different languages, they do work in main beach resorts. What kind of languages can you think of?

  • French
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Norwegian
  • German

Knowledge of Spanish issei’s useful, because it is rare to find any locals who speak foreign languages, unfortunately. Now we wil discuss the most important part, because Malaga property, apartments for sale in Spain, they can become yours! 

Malaga property, apartments for sale in Spain

Did you become enthusiastic too after reading this blog about Malaga and the Costa del Sol? We hope so, because Spain has a lot to offer. Do you want a big, beautiful house? Visit and make your dream become true. For instance, you can buy a Penthouse with 3 bedrooms for 1.150.000,-, in the centre of Malaga. Or Malaga property in the form of an apartment, with 3 bedrooms also in the centre of Malaga. And that is less than 400.000,- so the prices do differ from each other. At realista, they have extensive experience in finding the best properties in Malaga for sale. realista will guide you though the whole process, which starts from the selection and ends with negotiation, financing and sometimes furnishing. You can contact them any time for more viewings or for more information. If you can not see the Malaga property that you are looking for on the website, there is also an Online Search Form that you can use to tell them about your requirements. realista has access to every property for sale in Malaga. They have been around for already 25 years and they know everything there is to know if it is about Malaga property. The shortest and also the most efficient route to find the Malaga property that you want and that matches the requirements for you, is when you submit the Form that you can find on When are you ready to buy? The beautiful Costa del Sol will soon be your new home.