LuchtkwaliteitsmeterUse a luchtkwaliteitsmeter of FactoryLab to register the quality of the air in your environment. They offer several LoRa Products for the use in the industries and other commercial productions to maintain the quality in the air. Next to the devices they also have modern technology available to check the information from every location. Put your device on the location of your choice and log in the dashboard of FactoryLab. The FL-Fresh is available in different versions with an indoor environment sensing capabilities. They are designed to check the environment and make sure the quality is registered. With the luchtkwaliteitsmeter you can be sure if the environment is safe enough to work or live in. Not only companies can buy this device, they are also helpful for households. Especially when you or your relatives are experiencing health problems and are sensitive for different air conditions. You can check the air beforehand with this luchtkwaliteitsmeter. Check the website for their possibilities and devices. You also see the software they have to combine with these devices. Every device today is linked with a dashboard, for a pc or a smartphone. This way you can check the quality of the environment from every location needed. You don’t need to check the device itself, which is safer in case the air is contaminated.

The design of the luchtkwaliteitsmeter

FactoryLab offers an online platform to link with the device they sell, but you can also choose a device without the online platform. Other options for the luchtkwaliteitsmeter are:

  • KPN-Connectivity
  • LoRa Frequency plan
  • Battery set

You can choose a luchtkwaliteitsmeter with or without a KPN-connectivity or a battery set. For the LoRa Frequency plan is only one option of 868 Mhz. Measurements taken by the environment sensing device are:

  • CO2 level
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Pressure

The conditions will be analysed and can create global and local alerts in case of an emergency. FactoryLab sells this solution for all kind of consumers. The luchtkwaliteitsmeter is available for individuals, businesses and industries. Indoor living and working environments can be monitored thanks to the advanced technology. Do not worry about the energy these devices ask. All devices are low powered and very easy to use. It’s perfect if you need a device quickly to register the quality of the environment. Safety is very important and with these devices you don’t need to be an engineer to use the luchtkwaliteitsmeter of Factorylab.

Always connected

Thanks to the easy to use design the luchtkwaliteitsmeter is accessible for everyone. Even the looks make sure consumers do feel less hesitation to buy this product. First the colour is very striking and accessible. Next to the luchtkwaliteitsmeter they also sell other devices that can all be connected to the online platform. With this user interface it’s not only possible to check the information registered by the device. You can also manage the setting of your devices. For example, you can set your own alarm level. A low level of humidity can be alarming for one environment and less for the other. There are many settings to apply and this is something FactoryLab is aware of. Next to the dashboard it is also possible to link your settings with an e-mail or sms. In case you’re not behind your pc, you will receive an alarm when your level is registered. You can try one of the devices first like the luchtkwaliteitsmeter. As soon as you have used the device and the dashboard, it will not take long before you buy one of the other solutions FactoryLab has to offer.