How do non residents get a Dutch bank account?

A Dutch bank account for non residents? It can be quite hard to get a Dutch bank account if you are a non resident. However, you should just know which ways there are to get a bank account in the Netherlands. I should not be that hard, and Intercompany Solutions can help you with it. Look no further and ask us to help you with incorporating your Netherlands buisiness quickly. How do we do that? You find a lot of info about us and about the way we work at On average, it takes three days to poperly form a Netherlands formation. We will be happy to guide you through the process. 

How to get a Dutch bank account as non residents? 

When you decide to start your own company, one of the most important things is to open a bank account. Otherwise, the money cannot flow ealisy and ofcourse that is not wat you want! It might be difficult to open a Dutch bank account as a non resident. It is often the case that foreigners open their business in the Netherlands, but live somewhere abroad. We can then help you with opening a Dutch bank account. You can do this online, and Intercompany Solutions can help you with this (and a lot of other things as well). But what are the benefits for non residents of having a Dutch bank account? 

  • It can be easier if you want to receive money from Dutch residents
  • It can be cheaper receiving money from Dutch residents 
  • You have the possibility to improve your speed and efficiency 
  • You can be seen as more reliable and therefore improve your competitive position in the Netherlands
  • The Dutch paying system is seen as one of the most effective systems in the world
  • You can use electronic banking and other facilities of the bank

As listed above, it can have many advantages for non residents to have a Dutch bank account. Especially when you want to start your own business in the Netherlands. We can help you with setting up your buisiness in the Netherlands in three days, including a Dutch bank account! This way, you can focus on things that really matter: building up your business. We take care of the other things around it. 

We can help you! 

We are convinced that we can be of great value for starting entrepeneurs in the Netherlands. We have all the experience to assist you with your company formation in the Netherlands or in Europe. You tell us what you want, and we have the knowledge. Whether non residents want to open a Dutch bank account in the Netherlands, or you want to know which kind of company you should choose… We can help you with all your questions about building a formation in the Netherlands. On average it takes us three days to build a Dutch company formation. We have a lot of specialists that know everything about the neede documents, types of companies and tax rates. Why would you bother yourself, if you can get the help of Dutch specialists, who know everything about the country and it’s regulation? For one fixed price you got everything covered. Whether you are a non resident wanting to open a Dutch bank account or an entrepeneur who doesn’t know which formation to choose… We are here for you at Intercompany Solutions!