Do you need information about setting up an NV as a company?

Do you need information about setting up an nv as a company? Then you have found the right website here. A Public Limited Company resembles a Private Limited Company in many ways. However, unlike a bv, the shares of an nv are unnamed. This share is freely negotiable because it is not registered. These shares are traded on the stock exchange. In the case of an NV, a board is installed for the day-to-day management. This is because it can happen that a few people have a large share in the shares because they are freely for sale. As with a private limited company (bv), a nv is only commercially liable.

What about the decisions you have to make if you choose an NV as a company?

Of course, decisions have to be made. How does that work? When the public limited company has been incorporated, it can carry out its activities without the indicator indicating that the nv is in the process of being incorporated. Performing the work involves, among other things, taking decisions and entering into legal acts. The most important bodies in the nv are the shareholders‘ meeting and the board of directors. According to the law, the board must manage the public limited liability company. Among other things, the board is responsible for the day-to-day running of the company. The articles of association may confer different powers on certain directors. Under Dutch law, the fact that the board is charged with the day-to-day affairs of the nv also means that the shareholders‘ meeting may not give any specific instructions in this respect, but may only set out general guidelines.

Do you also choose the nv as a company?

So, you have decided to set up a nv as a company. Of course, that means that you have to think about several things. What is important? And do you need help with setting up your NV as company?The nv as a company is a legal form that is mainly used by large companies. The big difference between the nv and the bv is that the shares are normally not issued in registered form: the nv therefore does not know who its shareholders are. The decision-making process in the NV is very similar to that of the PLC, although it is customary for the public limited company to be subject to the two-tier board system because it is mainly used by large companies. As a result, there will often be a supervisory board in a nv. Finally, a nv can obtain a stock exchange listing, but since there are many requirements, this is only interesting for the larger public limited company.Just a brief summary. Establishing a nv as a company. Do you want to do that too? Then think about it briefly. The difference with a private limited company is that a public limited company requires a starting capital of 45,000 euros. The articles of association must be drawn up in a notarial deed and this deed must be approved by the notary. After that, the nv as a company an be registered with the Chamber of Commerce. The NV is then incorporated.